Founded in 1999 and to date sales of � 3.8 million, MONTAGNE TRANSPORT specializes in transportation general merchandise in the hexagon and export.

MONTAGNE TRANSPORT is now a staff of nearly 40 people, a fleet of 30 vehicles tractors and 45 semi-trailers, with 5,000 m3 of storage logistics / general cargo full lot for the great distribution (upstream and downstream) and industry. Distribution: 40% National, 45% Regional, 15% Belgium.

"After creating only my business in 1999, still the mantra of success MONTAGNE TRANSPORT is based on a policy of commercial area, and I like to remind my best "fuel" for run my business is passion ... "

says Olivier MONTAGNE

MONTAGNE, for a single software solution embarquee

"It's been several years that I'm finding out about the solutions existing embedded computing can help me better good management and control my costs.

My need was accurate because I sought a simple, affordable solution and free installation ... which could meet as a whole to drivers activities plus track my means (drivers, motors, trailers), and in real time, regardless of their location, even abroad.

In fact, my need was to know their location and can transmit at any time and live information to my drivers with immediate feedback from them to inform me of events they could be facing (eg number of trucks waiting in front of them for delivery, etc ...). I always wished that my farm is really responsive: respect routes, schedules, and social. I always wanted an immediate visual flash follow instructions.

I wanted a simple solution flexible rental, modular, easy and inexpensively as possible, and more or readily accepted by all my drivers and all my farm ... "

With the "MTD 511" slab : undeniable profits

"DOT housing 511 ELIOT perfectly meets a set economic benefits in the management and monitoring of our transport, which thus completely improved daily all our teams:

  • Optimized driver activity and vehicle fleet.
  • Usability and ease of use.
  • Tucked data in real time.
  • Developing an internal messaging system.
  • Change Product (android).
  • Securing staff and improving the quality of life at work.
  • Good management workload (planning, ...).
  • Reduced telephone costs.
  • Better management of routes (less unnecessary detours).
  • GPS perfectly suited for trucks (specific routes, ...).
  • Valuation and strengthening customer relationship mainly concerning deliveries reporting (situations, locations, times, ...).
  • Very good approach / price compared to market facilities. "

installation and amortization Cost: profitability oblige!

"Apart from an investment of � 300 purchase housing, and an average of 40 � monthly subscription for rent mode, the plant will not cause any additional cost since it suffices simply plug the unit MTD 511 ELIOT the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. Thus, we were able to absorb our investment in 4 months ago, because thanks to MDT 511 ELIOT, budget highway has been immediately reduced, unnecessary kilometers are down, without omitting the fuel which is also full decrease, ... therefore, clear that for MONTAGNE TRANSPORT profits. "

MONTAGNE: prospects for development

"Being foremost in daily listening to our customers we develop them with guidance and a partnership to provide them with innovative and effective solutions. For example, we want to establish a new commercial service, developing a rental activity with driver, which would be dedicated to the client, and the TDM housing 511 ELIOT have its place. "


"The MDT 511 ELIOT is a simple and user-friendly tool for a small investment today allows me to get the right information at the right time, and allows operation in particular to be informed at all times events or potential anomalies. In addition, with this tool embedded computer, I receive a GPS heavyweight Europe of excellent quality, and more, says drivers suitable routes heavy weight, but also the weather conditions that affect driving!

Finally, I must confess that even though I'm not a big fan of new technologies, the MTD is 511 ELIOT to become MONTAGNE TRANSPORT, an essential tool, completely essential to our development. "

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